Karen Kincy (karenkincy) wrote,
Karen Kincy

My new book!

I’m thrilled to be able to at long last reveal my work in progress. I’ve been working on it in secret for a long, long time. At last, it sees the light of day!


In a dystopian world ravaged by nuclear war, only true love can’t be stomped out…

In the year 2305, humans are ancient history. Only the strongest survive in a world where radiation can kill at any moment, food is scarce, and falling in love may be the last thing you ever do. But love is exactly what KL-86 finds. She is a RoaBot, an insectoid cyborg, her titanium exoskeleton matched only by her determination to live. While exploring the ruins of Seattle, a prime location to scavenge, KL-86 discovers a RoaBot from a rival clan: AJ-88, an outcast among his kind. AJ-88 made the mistake of hoarding food, an offense punishable by death. KL-86 should feel no mercy in terminating him, but when they brush antennae for the first time, she feels something she has never felt before… the stirrings of passion. Can KL-86 balance duty with true love–and survive in a world where hatred is more toxic than radioactive fallout?

(For more information, Googling “Periplaneta” should suffice. April Fool’s!)

Tags: writing
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